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Who we are...

Olympic Radio was conceived way back in the twentieth century when turntables and vinyl were still prolific.  We celebrated the 12-inch format and indeed, still do to this day.  The difference is, we now have the internet.  So what started as a specialist, local project, has now effectively turned into a national radio phenomenon.

Shows are presented by Steve Elliott, who is not only the co-owner, but also Head of Music for the station.  Den Barnes also presents his regular PowerStation slot, focussing on rock.  We also have the irrepressible, if not unbelievable Lord Doom Hammer, who compiles and presents two special themed shows each year.  Look out too for his “The News From 1985” show.

What we play...

Olympic Radio's music policy is Adult Contemporary.  We are somewhere between BBC Radio 1 and 2 in the UK for styles of music played.